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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping is FREE for orders delivered to Hong Kong and Macau.

Some products, like fragrances and haircare, require special handling due to their flammable nature and heavy weight. A small charge may be applied when your order contains fragrances or haircare. Read more

Once we have received your payment, your order will usually be dispatched within 24 hours and you will receive an email confirmation once it ships. You can also check your order status through our website at any time.

Approximate delivery times

Cost* Major cities Most areas Remote areas Signature required?
Same Day Delivery - TA-Q-BIN FREE - Same Day (Excludes certain areas**) - Yes
Courier Services - TGX FREE - Most commercial districts - Same days 1-3 days Yes
Hong Kong Post Delivery Services FREE - 2-3 Business days - Yes
Express Shipping
(Not applicable to HK)
$0.00 2-3 postal days 2-3 postal days 2-3 postal days Yes
Haircare Products Haircare products over 250ml are charged between US$2 - US$15 depending on size 7-10 postal days 7-10 postal days 10-14 postal days Yes

*Please note that all costs are converted to local currency based on daily exchange rate.

**Same Day Delivery excludes the following areas: Clear Water Bay, HKUST, Kam Tin Yuen Long, Kei Ling Ha Lo Wai Sai Kung, Sai Keng Tsuen Sai Sha Road, Sai Kung, Tam Mei Yuen Long, Tung Chung, Mid-level and the Peak.

Haircare Surcharge

Larger haircare products are considered "heavy goods," that require special handling, thus incurring a surcharge.

The surcharge applies to haircare items of 250ml or more, as shown below:

Haircare Volume Surcharge per Item
Below 250ml NO SURCHARGE
250ml US$2
300ml US$3
400ml US$4
500ml US$5
600ml US$6
700ml US$7
800ml US$8
900ml US$9
1000ml US$10
1100ml US$11
1200ml US$12
1300ml US$13
1400ml US$14
1500ml US$15

*Surcharges are converted to local currency based on daily exchange rate

Options of delivery services are available for orders designating to Hong Kong. Most orders will be prioritized via local courier services, while Hong Kong Post delivery services will be available for specific areas/ districts only.

Same Day delivery Services - TA-Q-BIN Courier Services

Orders placed and confirmed between 00:00am and 10:00am (Monday to Friday), 'same day delivery' services can be selected. Orders to offices in major Hong Kong districts will be delivered before 7pm (please ensure courier access), orders with home addresses will be delivered before 10pm.

Please note that a signature is required for delivery. Please make sure the recipient is available to sign for the parcel.

Courier Services - TGX

Same day local courier dispatch will apply to most areas in Hong Kong, other areas take 1-2 working days.

Please note that signature is required for all delivery services. Mobile phone or daytime contact number is required in order that courier could reconfirm with recipients prior to delivery for speedy service.

To avoid charge for redispatch service upon failure or change of delivery destination, delivery to workplace address is recommended.

Please select Hong Kong Post delivery service for orders delivering to the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels, P.O. Box and outlying islands & Airport District, including

  • Chek Lap Kok, Discovery Bay, Ngong Ping 360, Lantau Island
  • Ma Wan, Cheung Chau, Mui Wo, Tai O, Peng Chau, Lamma Island and etc.

Hong Kong Post Delivery Services

You can expect to receive your order shipped via Hong Kong Post delivery services within 2-3 days to most areas within Hong Kong.

Please note that a signature is required for delivery. Please be suggested having your parcel shipped to your workplace address if no one is home during the day to sign for your delivery.

Express Shipping

Most delivery delays are due to unavoidable customs checks or because no one is home to sign for the delivery. We will refund the extra charge for orders held in customs, but not for delays due to lack of a signature.

For $0.00, Express Shipping orders are delivered anywhere in the world within 2-3 days. This excludes any time required for customs clearance, which is out of our control. Please note that fragrance or home scent orders cannot be sent via express shipping.

Shipping costs are converted to local currency based on the daily exchange rate.

Courier Delivery with Prepaid VAT

Orders shipped to the following countries can be shipped using a special courier service. This applies only to orders that do not contain fragrances and some home scents.

List of Countries with Prepaid VAT Courier Delivery
United Kingdom Ireland

Postal Delivery with Prepaid VAT

Orders shipped to the following countries can be shipped using a special postal service.

List of Countries with Prepaid VAT Postal Delivery
Austria Finland The Netherlands
Belgium Greece Poland
Bulgaria Hungary Portugal
Croatia Latvia Romania
Cyprus Lithuania Spain
Czech Republic Luxembourg Slovenia
Estonia Malta

All VAT and taxes are prepaid using this service so you do not need to pay any more once the order is received. This means that there will be fewer customs delays so you'll receive your order faster.

We highly recommend you use this option to send gifts since the recipient will not be burdened with VAT charges and you can confirm delivery through our order tracking page.

You'll also have access to enhanced order tracking, allowing you to see confirmation of your parcel's delivery.

VAT, taxes and duties

We ship to over 200 countries worldwide.

Over 90% of orders are delivered without additional customs charges, especially in USA, Australia and New Zealand.

In the event that you are charged VAT or additional taxes when your order is delivered we will reimburse for your expense. We do this on a purely goodwill basis as we are not obligated to cover VAT costs.

To be reimbursed for your expense, please collect your package and pay any taxes and keep the receipt. You can then submit a VAT claim through our website and we will refund the amount of the charge. All refund claims must be made within 6 months from your order date.

Please note that this service is not available for orders shipped to China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina, UAE, Oman, Norway or Egypt.

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